Speaking Events

Speaking Events


National Meetings

Cindy Miller inspires, educates, and entertains people to improve their personal performance. If your group is looking for a straight shooter who reveals truth, Cindy is your girl.

As a Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Judgment Professional, Cindy is uniquely qualified to unlock potential in ways most people never see.

Learn to Hit it


The “it” Box.  What is “it”?  Your Potential, Passion, Purpose.  Everyone has an “it”, but not everyone is pursuing theirs.

Some people already have “it”.  Some have had “it” and lost “it”.  Others may not know they were born for “it”. Nike tells us just to do “it”.  But how?

The “it” Box contains three simple objects which are the steps that need to be taken to find your “it”.

Work Shop

Breakout Sessions

What motivates employees or clients to action? Knowledge of an individual’s motivators can tell you WHY they do things the way they do. Some may hunger for recognition while others crave something more tangible. Some need a return on investment, while others seek power. Can you learn to discern what your employees and clients ultimately desire? You can! Imagine the benefits to the bottom line, knowing what motivates an employee or client!

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