From the back nine of major championships to the meeting rooms of major corporations, Cindy Miller is a leading expert at taking another shot. For those seeking to improve performance and unlock potential, she inspires and challenges individuals, teams, and corporations to GET, DO, and BE BETTER.
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Miller Golf Academy Special!

Cindy & Allen Miller are the only married couple in the world who have competed on all four major tours. The PGA TOUR, the LPGA Tour, the PGA TOUR Champions, and The Legends Tour of the LPGA. Their expertise comes from playing the game of golf at the highest levels in the world. Their award winning coaching and training can help you get better.
The New Student Assessment is the perfect opportunity to have Allen or Cindy Miller guide you on your path to game improvement. This sixty minute private session with either Allen or Cindy Miller includes a game evaluation, discussion of your goals, and an assessment of your swing. Suggestions will then be made for a program that best fits your game development goals.
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Cindy Miller is a Class A LPGA Professional who is listed among the Top LPGA Teachers in the world. As a former LPGA Tour Player and LPGA National Teacher of the Year,  she is qualified to teach and empower you to achieve your goals.

Cindy’s husband, Allen is a Past Champion/Life Member of the PGA TOUR.  Ranked by Short Game Guru, Dave Pelz as the second purest ball striker he has ever tested, Allen is a master golf swing technician and can help you play better golf. He has competed in five Masters, multiple PGA Championships, and the U.S. Open.

We teach people from total beginners to PGA TOUR Comeback Players of the Year. Players from four to ninety-four. (if you are older that that, your lessons are on us!)

We offer group lessons, private lessons, and Game Improvement Packages.  If you aren’t sure where to start,  we suggest you schedule a private half hour intro lesson at the link below. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If, by chance you are concerned that we teach in Buffalo, New York, know that we have both indoor and outdoor locations.


As a Certified Life Coach, Behavior, Motivation, Judgment, and Emotional Professional, Cindy offers personal development programs for those who choose to unlock their full potential.

The Player Development Program

This might be the perfect place for you to start your journey. This four month program has been created to teach you how to improve every aspect of your game. For Adults Click HERE   For Junior Golfers, Click HERE

Wouldn’t it be nice to have IT? To own IT? Our Academy teaches individuals, teams, and Corporations how to get IT.  What is IT? The choice to do what you are great at. There are three things in the box which incorporate the steps needed to find and own IT. For more information CLICK HERE.

Junior Golf

As a U.S. Kids Top 50 Master Teacher and Titleist Performance Institute Junior Certified Coach, Cindy Miller is uniquely qualified to teach your child to play golf. She makes the game FUN while teaching you to improve!

The Millers teach juniors from age four to seventeen. Their programs start with clinics to learn to enjoy playing the game. Once your child has decided they really like golf and want to improve, private lessons are suggested to mix with group sessions.

Their students have gone on to play in college at Division 1, 2, and 3 levels, as well as play on the Mini Tour, qualify for multiple USGA events,  play in U.S. Opens, win Professional events, and even become a PGA TOUR Comeback Player of the Year!

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Custom Events

Whether you use the game of golf as a business tool, a networking opportunity, for team building, or to say thank you for someone’s contributions, Cindy will help you create the perfect event…. and then deliver the goods.

Cindy has created the online program, “From the Back Nine to the Boardroom” to teach those who need to use the game as a business, sales, or networking tool everything they need to know to accept that next golf invitation. LEARN MORE HERE!

To create a custom workshop for your group, please reach our to Cindy HERE!

Boot Camps

For those who are committed, dedicated and serious about improving their games, Cindy & Allen Miller’s Boot Camp is the perfect way to change your game forever!

Over the past twenty years, Boot Camps have proven to be our most rewarding experience for improving your game. These two, three, or four day camps are structured to give you not only time to work on your skills, but also the opportunity to utilize them on the course while you try to perform.

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Online Courses

The Millers have created multiple online courses that you can access remotely to learn how to play better golf, get rid of your slice, stop shanking it, and many other terrible things you don’t want to do in your golf game.

How do you learn? What are the best drills to practice? Are there games I can do to learn to improve? I hate to just hit balls.

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