Corporate Events

Customized events are a great way to entertain, educate, and inspire your customers, clients, or employees.  Whether your goal is to entertain a group of clients, raise money for your favorite charitable cause, or just have some fun hitting shots,  Cindy Miller will design just the right event for you and your group, and then deliver the goods!

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Learn to Hit it

From the Back Nine to the Boardroom

People play golf like they live their lives. If you pay close attention to playing partners, you’ll learn a lot about them. In this program, Cindy teaches you to identify the character traits revealed throughout the course of eighteen holes. These traits will help you determine whether you want to do business with these individuals and their companies.

Do your thoughts and actions undermine your relationships or help to cultivate new ones?
How do you handle adversity?
Are you honest?
Do you follow rules?

What are you revealing on the course? Are your actions helping or hurting your business relationships?

Work Shop

Team Building

When they are firing on all cylinders, as a unified team, companies get ahead. To compete, your team must be sharp, operating at peak efficiency, working at the same level, and with similar strategies that win teams Super Bowls, Ryder Cups, and World Series. Great teams are actively developed. High performing teams with a commitment to perceiving and balancing individual and team strengths are better able to capitalize on opportunities.

This session is interactive and requires participants to engage with Cindy and fellow attendees. With insights distilled from Cindy’s approach, a new way of relating emerges, side stepping past limitations to team performance. Each participant will discover their personal behavior style, discern the styles of others, and learn to effectively communicate with team members.

Each participant will map out a plan to facilitate team development at the office.

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