Own Your Game: How Do I Learn?

Learning Assessment

How do you learn? Do you want to see it, feel it, or hear it? Knowing how you learn will help you develop mental keys while playing. There is so much left brain information in the game of golf that when you are able to create a right brain key, trigger, or swing thought, you will be able to get into the zone much quicker and easier.

You might be interested to know that the majority of golfers–around 80%– seem to be able to adapt and blend learning styles while still having a favored one. This is great news because the most effective mental pre-shot routine requires that you use some of all three. The other approximate 20% seems to be more limited in how they process information, and can struggle more with their games without even knowing why.

Whether you use multiple learning styles or only one, knowing and using yours can dramatically improve your lessons, practice and play.

Take a couple of minutes for the quiz and you just might take more than a couple strokes off your game!

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1.  I can remember more about a subject through the lecture when explanations and discussions are used.

2.  I prefer information to be written on the chalk board, with the use of visual aids and assigned readings.

3.  I like to write things down or to take notes for visual review.

4.  I prefer to use posters, models, and some activities in class.

5.  I require explanations of diagrams, graphs, or visual directions.

6.  I enjoy working with my hands or making things.

7.  I am skillful with and enjoy making graphs and charts.

8.  I can tell if sounds match when presented with pairs of sounds.

9.  I remember best by writing things down several times.

10. I can understand and follow directions on maps.

11. I do better at academic subjects by listening to lectures or tapes.

12. I play with coins or keys in pockets.

13. I learn to spell better by repeating the words out loud than by writing the words on paper.

14. I can better understand a news article by reading about it in the paper than by listening to the radio.


15. I chew gum, sunflower seeds, or snack during studies.

16. I feel the best way to remember is to picture it in your head.

17. I learn spelling by “finger spelling” words.

18. I would rather listen to a good lecture or speech than read about the same material in a textbook.

19. I am good at working and solving jigsaw puzzles.

20. I grip objects in my hands during learning periods.

21. I prefer listening to the news on the radio rather than reading about it in the newspaper.

22. I obtain information on an interesting subject by reading relevant materials.

23. I feel very comfortable touching others, hugging, handshaking, etc.

24. I follow oral directions better than written ones.