The Pursue Your IT Project: What motivates you?

Motivation Assessment

What motivates you to action? Do you seek reward or avoid pain? How would knowing your top three motivators help you make better decisions? This motivation assessment will measure what fires you up. You will have more personal insight and learn to understand the WHY Behind WHAT Motivates You.

This survey consists of 10 categories, each with 7 items for you to rank. For each category, rank the 7 items by indicating your choices 1 through 7 as follows: your first choice is 1, your second choice is 2, and so on. While responding, keep your focus on those interests, attitudes and values which are important to you and help guide your life. You should take no more than 15 minutes to complete the survey and it should be done in one uninterrupted sitting.

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Which would you read first?
If salaries and benefits are equal, would you prefer the work of:
In which order would you explore these topics?
In which order would you choose to study these subjects?
Rank order the importance of these statements…
An advantage of being in charge is…
Given equal costs and resources, which would you prefer to do?