Corporate Golf

Cindy Miller uses the game of golf as a tool to get better.  Whether your goal is to build relationships, expand a base of clients, show customer appreciation, or raise money for your favorite charitable community cause, Cindy Miller can help you achieve them through unique, hands-on clinics and outings customized to your needs. 

A game improvement clinic for avid golfers in search of that little extra edge, a stress-free introduction to the game for those looking to incorporate golf into their business toolkit, or a day of total immersion in golf shots and laughs, Cindy will work with you to design your program- and then deliver the goods.

Executive Golf 101       

Having the ability to use the game of golf as a business tool is invaluable. Cindy's Golf 101 for Executives program can be delivered as a half day workshop, or full day seminar. Participants learn to hit the golf ball "straight on purpose" as well as the important aspect of etiquette. Her new book, Golf 101 for Executives is the perfect resource to help you learn the ins and outs of the game. 


Improve Your Team From The Inside Out  

Companies get ahead when they are firing on all cylinders. To compete successfully, your team needs to be sharp and operating at peak efficiency. This means working at the same level and with the same strategies that professional athletes use to win Super Bowls, World Series, and Ryder Cups. Great working teams aren't hired, they are actively developed.High performing teams are characterized by an energized flow of ideas and communication. Cindy will guide participants while they learn their own key strengths and map out a plan to facilitate team development in the workplace.


The 18 Hole Interview     

The game of golf reveals so many characteristics of a person. This program can be delivered as a half day workshop or full day seminar.






Executive Golf Retreats 

What better way to energize, inspire, and motivate your team to greater heights.