Cindy Miller is a Certified Behavior Analyst who uses the game of golf as a tool to help people get better. Using her most recent book Golf 101 for Executives, she delivers half day workshops and full day seminars for many of the top corporations in the world. This rare combination of skills and experience has made Cindy a sought after speaker, entertainer, and corporate trainer.


Improve Your Team From The Inside Out

Companies get ahead when they are firing on all cylinders. To compete successfully your team needs to be sharp and operating at peak efficiency. This means working at the same level and with the same strategies that professional athletes use to win Super Bowls, World Series, and Ryder Cups. Great working teams aren't hired, they are actively developed.High performing teams are characterized by an energized flow of ideas and communication. Cindy will guide participants while they learn their own key strengths and map out a plan to facilitate team development in the workplace.

Comments from the recent Microsoft World Partner's Conference:

"Loved your session!"

"I attended your session at the Microsoft WPC in Houston---GREAT use of time!"

"Excellent Session!"

"Great event. Need more like this!"

"Great speaker! Well organized. I appreciate the candor, real life experiences that were shared, and

how she included the audience in the interactive workshop."


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