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          DISCGolf Assessment

           Learn your natural behavior style, what that means for your golf game, and how to play to your potential. The online assessment report

           results will be delivered to your inbox with specific suggestions for your improvement.

           DISCGolf Report  $49.95


            Mental Skills Assessment Report

          DISCSport Compass Assessment

          One, one hour consultation/ debrief

          Two half hour private golf lessons using "The Mind Meter"

          You will learn strategies and tactics to improve your game on the course.



Do You have:

Trouble taking your game from the range to the course? Inconsistency? Under performaing? Doubt? Fear? Negative Self Talk?

The first step in learning to "Own Your Game" starts with knowing yourself.

The DISCSportcompass will shed light on your natural and adapted behavior style.

If you decide to take this next step, please purchase your personal DISCSportcompass below.

You will receive a link to take the assessment. Once completed, your report will be emailed to you with some suggestions to help you become a better player. The cost for your personalized report is $50.00. If you would like Cindy Milelr to personally debrief your report, the cost is $150.

Cindy will help you learn to understand what your tendecies might be and give you personalized suggestions to help you learn to "Own Your Game".

$50.00 DISCSportcompass

$150.00 DISCSportcompass with 60 minute debrief session






                  Did you know that you can assess your current Mental Game Skills and Personality for Golf?

                      It is possible with two different online Assessments.

                      The first assessment measures your current mental skills for golf, while the second one measure

                      your personality to the 8  Champion Personality Traits discovered through the GolfPsych research

                      from the frequent winners on the Tour. Both assessments produce reports with recommendations for your use.

Mental Skills Report and Personality Report

Mental Skills Assessment Sample

Mental Skills Assessment   $49.95                                             



      8 Traits of Champion Golfers 

         Personality Report


             8 Traits Personality Assessment & Report

 8 Champion Personality Traits Report 



The Whole Package: Mental Skills Assessment, 8 Champion Personality Traits Assessment, and one year online mental skills coaching.



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