Pursue Your

What is ? The choice to do what you are great at.

Your Potential, Passion, and Purpose. Maybe you already have. Maybe you have lost , or missed

altogether. or those who choose to pursue their , the first step is to ask WHY are you here?  WHAT do you want? WHO are you?  WHERE are you going? HOW will you get there? Are you WILLING to put in the work?

A Nail.   A Mirror.   A Seed.

To start your journey to find your passion, potential, and possibly your purpose in life, please choose from one of the following options.

Your DISC Behavior Report will reveal both your natural and adapted behavior style, your strengths and areas that can be improved.

You can choose to Include two personal one hour consulation sessions with Cindy Miller or even a six week personal development program to be sure you have a plan to produce results you are looking for. Once you purchase your package, you will receive an email with a link to complete your report.  Please reach out to cindy@cindymillergolf.com to schedule your first personal session.

The DISC Behavior Report and Coaching


Included in this package is the DISC Behavior report and two one on one consultations with Cindy Miller. You will learn your natural and adpated style, your strengths, and improvement areas.


DISC Behavior Report Only


For those who choose to interpret their assessment on their own. This offer only includes the online assessment report.

Insight Compass Plus Report Only


This offer includes three assessment reports. Behavior, motivation, and judgment. If you would like to interpret your report on your own, this offer is for you.

The Insight Compass Report and Two Coaching Sessions.


Included in this package are three assessment reports. DISC Behavior, Motivation, and Judgment reports, plus two personal consultations with Cindy Miller to guide you on a path to pursue your personal potential.

The Total You 


Includes the DISC Behavior Report, Motivation, and Judgment Assessment and six one hour sessions with Cindy Miller.

This package will reveal your natural versus adapted behavior style. You will learn what motivates you to action, how you preceive people, systems, and yourself. We will create a personal development plan for you to follow to be sure you are on the right path to pursue your       An example of this comprehensive report is below.


Comments from the recent Microsoft World Partner's Conference: 


"Excellent session for self motivation and direction.  Highly recommended."

"Thank you for your presentation. It hit an instant chord both personally and professionally."